What do I offer for the big day?

Before the wedding

Engagement Photography:
If you’d like to relive the moments of your acquaintance or at the place of your engagement, or at your favorite travel destination, you have the option to choose this as part of the wedding package, wherever it may be! You can request a photo album for the engagement shoot, and select the most beautiful pictures for yourselves.

Creative photography:
On the day of your wedding, following the preparations, but if your outfits are available, I also provide the opportunity on another day for you to have your photos taken in full attire. This way, you can ease the burden on your actual wedding day.

Studio wedding photos:
If you would like to pay homage to the past with settings faithful to old traditions for future generations.

On the day of your wedding

  • Preparations (both bride and groom)
  • Creative photoshoot (if you haven’t chosen another day for this occasion)
  • Proposal
  • Guest reception, candid moments
  • Civil ceremony
  • Church ceremony
  • Photographing the venue and decorations
  • Celebration
  • Bride’s dance
  • Cake cutting
  • Photo booth (where we can jointly decide on the theme of the photographs, which greatly contributes to the atmosphere of the celebration, and upon request, you’ll also receive a stop-motion video with musical accompaniment)
  • Instant photos can be made for the wedding party and yourselves of the day’s most beautiful and funniest moments.

After your wedding

  • Photo book
  • YouTube video
  • Post-processed photos
  • Photos available on personalized storage media and from a server

Additional information and offers

After covering more than 100 weddings, I can confidently say that I know the needs of the newlyweds. Every couple approaches me with different requirements, but of course, they all share the desire for the photos to be beautiful and original. What could I say to you in advance?

  • Multiple photographers/varied perspectives – I can appear on-site with a second photographer if required.
  • Photographer’s assistant – greatly facilitates my work, allowing me to focus more energy on every moment of yours.
  • Drone – a different perspective, adding a bit of dynamism among the photos.
  • Travel – We can shoot at more distant destinations where you’d like engagement or creative photos of yourselves. I have local knowledge throughout Europe, so if you don’t have your own experience, you can confidently leave the organization to me.
  • Wedding car, minibus – If needed, a beautiful American minibus adorned with flowers is available for your use on the day of your wedding, as well as for the creative and engagement photoshoots.

For inquiries, please contact me using one of the provided contact details or through the messaging interface!