In the first installment of my fictional column, I chose Marilyn Monroe. From this, you can discover what a wedding themed around the icon would look like, and you can also find out what she might say to young couples.

Marilyn Monroe was an iconic figure of the 20th century, with her style typically embodying glamour, femininity, and luxury. During her time, the fashion and trends of the ’50s and ’60s were dominant. If Marilyn Monroe were to design the decoration for a wedding, she would likely choose the following color palette:

Hexadecimal value: #FFC0CB

Hexadecimal value: #FFD700

Hexadecimal value (dark blue): #00008B

Together, these three colors form a unique and elegant combination, blending classic Hollywood glamour with modern wedding trends. Based on these colors, the young couple can design their decorations, invitations, flowers, and much more for their wedding.

Marilyn Monroe themed wedding venue and decorations
Image: © Noval Goya – Midjourney

“The brightest stars are those that shine even in the greatest darkness.”

Of course, we can’t know precisely what Marilyn Monroe would say today if she were alive, but based on what we know about her and her quotes, a possible message to young couples might go like this:

“Don’t be afraid to be yourselves, love each other genuinely and passionately! Life is full of challenges, but true love gets you through everything. Find beauty in the little things and live with all your heart! Always remember that real beauty comes from within, and the brightest stars are those that shine even in the greatest darkness.”

This message reflects Marilyn Monroe’s views on self-belief, sincerity, and the importance of love, and can serve as inspiring advice for young couples at the start of a new chapter in their lives.