In the second episode of my series, I chose Marie Curie. From this, you can find out what a wedding would look like tailored to the theme of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, and you can also discover what advice she might have for engaged couples.

Marie Curie was a scientist of Polish origin who conducted pioneering work in the research of radioactivity. As a result, she won Nobel Prizes in two distinct scientific fields (physics and chemistry) – an achievement that no other scientist has matched to this day. In Marie Curie’s life, science and family were at the forefront.

Marie Curie themed wedding venue and decorations
© Noval Goya – Midjourney

“Even if sometimes we feel like we have to start over, every new day brings a new opportunity.”

Here are some thoughts that could come from the mouth of Marie Curie to those about to get married, reflecting on Curie’s work, life, and essence as a woman: “Just as discoveries in science do not come easily, neither do they in marriage. Deep research, commitment, and patience bear fruit in relationships as well. Believe me, Pierre and I spent long hours in the laboratory to illuminate the world with the power of science and love. My advice to you: be patient, supportive, and curious about each other, as I was towards the world of unknown elements.

To women, I say, do not be afraid to stand out and keep pace with your peers. Every woman has the potential to be a pioneer in her own life and field. Recognition and successes do not always come easily, but if you believe in yourself and your partner, nothing can stand in your way.

And when the path is winding or you find unexpected obstacles in front of you, remember that starting over is not a weakness but a courage. Even if sometimes we feel we need to start over, every new day brings a new opportunity. The greatest discoveries are not always made in the laboratory. Sometimes the most crucial moments are when we are alone, secluded from the world, focusing solely on the other.

Considering the life and work of Marie Curie, the following three colors could be associated:

Radiant-Blue – because of radioactivity and radon gas. Marie Curie did pioneering work in researching radioactivity, and the blue glow of this discovery often appears in depictions.

Hexadecimal value: #0000FF

Polonium-Silver – Polonium is a metallic element, and Curie played a significant role in its discovery. The silver color aptly represents metals.

Hexadecimal value: #C0C0C0

Passionate-Red – Marie Curie was passionate about science and deeply in love with her husband, Pierre. Moreover, the red color complements the blue and silver hues well, and together they create an elegant and intriguing color combination.

Hexadecimal value: #FF0000

Together, these colors would make an interesting and meaningful color palette for a wedding themed around the life and work of Marie Curie.